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What fork in the road do you take?
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31st-Mar-2018 08:19 am - Play reccomedation
b/j hug
Good morning and happy Easter and Passover weekend.

I thought I would let any ljers left who live in NYC, or who may live nearby or are going to visit, about a wonderful play that premiered here in Maine two months ago and is now playing at the theatre at St. Clement's on 46th street. I believe I read on the site that it will be there until September, but double-check me on that. I might have read it wrong.

It is babbettes feast. It was adapted from the book by one of the actors. I believe they said in the talk back that it was going to be the same cast that we had here in Maine. It is a very sparse set, and by that I mean nearly nothing. The cast narrate and act the story. The actors play multiple characters.

Check it out for a wonderful theatre experience. I don't know the ticket prices there but they do have a website. Sorry I'm not attaching it, but just Google theatre at St. Clement's.

Hope everyone is well out there.

10th-Oct-2017 02:51 pm - The Classics!!
b/j hug

Was doodling around on YouTube and found this clip. The editor who put it together is brilliant! I figure I know about 70% of the movies used in the clips. Growing up we never had cable, just four channels on our TV and I watched a lot of old musicals. I loved them. I love them even today. I would much rather watch an old musical than most newer films.

So whoever watches this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I think I've watched this vid at least 10 times by now.

24th-Jul-2017 12:31 pm - My fellow Americans
I am going to get on my political soapbox for a moment, so I hope you all bear with me.

If you aren't political, I can understand, but please let your congressman or woman know how you feel about the situation that's going on in Washington with our Dictator-in-Chief in residence. They won't know how you feel unless you contact them. I know some of our representatives go into hiding when they come home because they are too scared to face a lot of people. Well, they should be having contact with their constituents now because it is their vacation.

They need to remember that they are employed by us. We are their bosses and they need to be sent a Job Performance Evaluation in person or through e-mails or phone contact with their staff. Hopefully, and I say hopefully because I truly don't believe everything gets forwarded to them, they will take these messages to heart and remember country over Party.

Just keep in mind this quote by Martin Niemoller, a prominent Protestant pastor in Germany who spent many years in a concentrations camp:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me, and there was not one left to speak for me.

Okay, I'm now off my soapbox. I truly hope everyone is trying and accomplishing to have a good summer.
My thoughts are always with those out West experiencing all of the terrible wildfires. Please be safe.

21st-Feb-2017 05:44 am - Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs
tom brady
I was very fortunate and a free ticket to see Alan Cumming landed right in my lap! My friend Carol's partner had the flu this last weekend (not good for her but good for me) so Carol offered me her ticket. So Saturday night we ventured out into the cold and had a wonderful, fabulous, splendiferous time!
Mr. Cumming is so charismatic. I can only imagine how he lit up the stage during Cabaret. It is a cabaret (not the play) style show with lots of singing and lots of fun and funny stories of his life, growing up, living in Scotland, going to school, dealing with Hollywood, and being on Broadway.
It if happens to ever come anywhere near your area, GO!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I hope my friends in California are keeping their heads above water -- literally!


P.S. And the Patriots winning the Super Bowl made our 5 consecutive snowstorms in 9 days with over 4 feet of snow tolerable!
17th-Dec-2016 06:43 pm - Season's Greetings!!
christmas with gus
Hello out there everyone in cyber land!

I can't believe we're down to the last few weeks of the year that was 2016, much less a week away from the high holidays!

I think this is the first time I've checked LJ in almost two months. And where did those two months go?!
The lawyers I work with have been especially busy the last six weeks. Always this time of year they realize they have a shit load of stuff to get done before the year end -- and who pays for their procrastination? The court reporters, when they do last-minute depositions and then after you've taken testimony for four hours ask if it's possible to have that by tomorrow. No problem, I say. Who needs to sleep?? Sleep is so overrated! But at least I get to charge them A LOT of money for expedited transcripts!

Hope everyone out there is doing all right.

b/j hug
To my fellow citizens that voted for the asshole who claims he loves uneducated people -- and that's who voted for him -- thanks so much! Not only do we have to put up with a sociopath for the next four years -- wait, there's always impeachment and resignation if it comes to that -- but we also have the assholes he's surrounded himself with; namely, Gingrich and Guiliani who will probably find a place in his cabinet. God, I'm not thinking this through. If he has to resign, then we have Pence. He was the governor of Indiana, where they passed legalized discrimination against the LGBT community, and told women they would have to have a funeral for the fetus if they had an abortion.
I just don't get it. This man really scares me. He has the cult of personality just like Hitler, Musolini (sp) and Napoleon. I was going to throw Stalin in there, but he had the cult of terror. Well, maybe Trump will fall into that category, too.
To my fellow female citizens, kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye! You will no longer have control of your own body, if the Republicans have anything to say about it.

9th-May-2016 12:04 pm - bookbub.com
I don't know if any of you are aware of the above-referenced site, but I became a member just recently. It is free to become a member. Create your account, go through the profile and list what you like to read, and everyday you will get an alert for something you might find interesting ranging from free to $1.99. I have so far picked up a few freebies to read which I enjoyed.
Of course, since I didn't mention it, this is for electronic devices only. You can also pick which device you use as an e-reader so they know what books to refer from what source. I have a Kindle so I get all of my referrals from Amazon.
I do not know if this works for my friends overseas. I have a feeling not, but you never know. It may well work for you also.
Hope this was helpful to someone who loves to read as much as I do and has to budget themselves to purchase items to read on their e-readers.

4th-Apr-2016 08:28 pm - PLAY BALL!!
Red Sox
Baseball, that is, for all of you who do not live in North America.
Baseball season officially opened today, although my Boston Red Sox did not because it was too damn cold in Cleveland, where they were scheduled to play.

It has been whiskey tango foxtrot kind of happenings in the Northeast. Ever since we have had calendar spring, it has been colder. And here in Maine, driving home tonight, the snow was falling so beautifully and gently it felt like we should be decorating for Christmas again. Luckily we are on the edge of the storm. Boston got hit with about 7 inches, I think.

I can't believe I have posted nothing since last fall. It's just been crazy busy dealing with family "stuff" and work.

I hope everyone is doing well.

15th-Oct-2015 02:21 pm - Suddenly Fall
b/j hug

This week has been absolutely beautiful in Northern New England. In one week the colors have just popped. Of course, the bad side is that they won't be here long. Pretty soon we will have bare trees to look at, and thoughts of the "s" word will come to mind. (Snow)

This is looking up through a tree I look at everyday out of my home office window.

Hope all are well!

30th-Aug-2015 02:40 pm - Where the hell did summer go???
Last download 157

This is my stoop garden. I live in a condo so I cannot have a garden, but I plant these in about four pots and they are sitting on old apple orchard crates right outside my front door.
I wish I had taken a before shot because, boy howdy, did these flowers go wild this year. I won't rip them out as long as it stays as warm as it's been -- or unless they start getting really leggy. Then the mums will have to go in. I know the ivy looks out of place, but it told me it wanted to go outside for the summer. The vining plant in the lower left corner is my neighbor's little girl's pumpkin plant.
I know calendar wise summer is still here, but event wise, it's basically over next weekend, being Labor Day Weekend here in the States.

I hope everyone had a good summer!!

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